Developing New Products
"The days when products took 6-12 months to get to market are well gone - the winners in today's marketplace are those that can get there in half the time and control their costs"

When compared to other business decisions, new product developments carry higher than normal levels of risk, not least the financial risk of investing large sums of money. Developing and launching new products and services is one of the most complex business' activities - it involves the whole organisation, not just the product developers and clearly speed to market is paramount. There are the obvious elements of successful product development, such as gauging the market correctly and strong project management, and there are the equally obvious but much neglected elements, such as stakeholder engagement, operational readiness testing and in-service operational support. Our consultants work closely with clients and advise where corners can be cut safely to minimize development time - and where they can't

We develop products and services for major players in the information, communications and technology sectors. Our experienced consultants are able to assess market requirements, build business cases, manage product development projects and advise on the best test strategies and market trials. We are also able to review your product development process and benchmark it against best practice and other players in your market sector. Action IT's assessment tool, Paratus, has been developed over a number of years and can give you a clear indication of the strengths and weaknesses in your process and highlight areas for improvement.