"Marketing is 95% perspiration and 5% inspiration."

Marketing is the fundamental process of anticipating and fulfilling customers' needs and wants.Successful marketing requires the four key elements of the marketing mix to be in harmony - product, price, place and promotion.The key issues:

· Are existing products competitive and is there a need to develop new services?
· How can you optimise the price for the product and make a profit?
· Which channel to the customer is to be used and how is it supported?
· How will customers find out about the service and buy it?

Action IT consultants have carried out assignments with many clients helping them to optimise all elements of the marketing mix. Our assignments range from initial definition of new products to increasing profitability of existing products. We have carried out comprehensive reviews to benchmark pricing and competitive levels in the market. Our experience in developing routes to market includes training corporate account managers and developing dealer networks. Our marketing communications experience includes both strategic and tactical projects. We have helped organisations to get better value for money from their existing marketing communications spend.